Cupcake Capers

This week we have gone cupcake crazy thinking about new projects for little hands for our cupcake themed party. Inspired recently by an exhibition of work from textile artist Heidi Rhodes, we’re looking at ways of introducing layers, making different tints and colours by layering netting and translucent fabrics over each other.

Sewing the cupcake on to a backing of fleece creates a slightly padded effect and makes holding the project a more tactile experience. I think the children will enjoy choosing their fabrics, beads and sequins to create a set of delightful looking cupcakes good enough to eat.

We then had to come up with a simple design that would be simple for the children to make. These cupcake lavender bags were embroidered with multi coloured thread which gives the effect of hundreds and thousands. Alternatively, if we had more time the children could sew on sequins. Check out the final results of our cupcake themed party.


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