Cupcake Party

Emma’s sewing party got off to a great start this weekend with 12 girls eager to make a start on their lavender filled cupcakes. We had raided Ann-Marie’s supply of vintage fabrics and had made a collection of wonderfully colourful cupcake blanks so the girls could embroider sprinkles all over the icing area. The end result was a set of 12 completely different, scented cupcakes which could be taken home as a leaving gift at the end of the party. Betty Buttons supply the gift bags and the ribbons. These bags also included the table settings name card which helped to identify the girl’s work later – great idea! We hope you and your friends enjoyed the party Emma – Happy Birthday!


One thought on “Cupcake Party

  1. Vanessa says:

    Emma and her friends really enjoyed the party( lots of the mums commented as well). They all learned some new stiches and were really pleased with their lavender bags. Thank you very much

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