April Workshop

Spring Bird Garland

Spring Birds Garland


Hopefully we won’t be dodging too many raindrops in April but just incase we need to fill time on a rainy day, we have a new Spring Bird Garland workshop for you. Lots of colours of felt available, lots of different fabrics to choose from to suit boys and girls bedrooms. Using templates the children can select their fabrics to decorate their birds. We will supply everything they need for this 2.5 hr workshop during the Easter holiday break. 2 workshops, morning and afternoon depending on demand. We always aim to fill the morning session before the afternoon opens for bookings but if you have a preference for one or the other we can try to sort it out for you. Contact bettybuttons@rocketmail.com to secure a place.

Spring Bird Workshop – Thursday 11 April 2013

Looking Ahead

Talking of Birds, we can also give you an early bird alert that we will be designing a new workshop project for Father’s day (16th June) and will be running a morning and afternoon workshop on Sunday 9th June. I’m picking up some beautiful suiting fabric this week from Birkett Bespoke Tailors, based in St Margaret’s. They have kindly offered to donate us a couple of fabric books. Thank you, thank you! More details of this project to follow soon.

In May we will be offering an after school course, running 1 day a week for a few weeks.  We will be making a Betty Buttons doll using a beautiful contemporary rag doll pattern from Simplicity. We will also hand out a pattern to make a little skirt for the dolls which the children can make in class if they have time or later at home. The dates we currently have in mind are May 30, June 7 and 14 and possibly the week after. TBC but I know you’re going to want to pencil it in. The children will do most of the work by hand, the face will be embroidered. They will learn a variety of stitches and sewing techniques.

Fashion Week

Our Fashion Week workshops were a great success I think. It was probably a bit ambitious of us to expect the girls to complete a skirt in 5 hours at our Skirt Workshop but everyone completed their skirt to the stage that it just needed hemming which wasn’t so bad. The older girls thought the skirt could be much shorter and the younger girls were mostly wanting it longer. The good thing about our pattern was it was very versatile and could easily be amended. We are going to put up a skirt tutorial soon.

The same could be said for our Faux Fur collar. Given another half an hour the girls could have gone home with no further sewing to do. Again, they were very pleased with the results and we hope to have some gallery photographs of this to show you soon. Ann-Marie and I were covered head to foot in fur, I could have been mistaken for a yeti! Great fun.

Faux Fur Collar


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