Hoppy Easter

Easter Egg Cosy 1


I set about making bunny egg cosies for Easter Sunday on Friday. The idea was to double up as an Easter tutorial for Betty Buttons but I have to admit that having made them and photographing all the way, I got to a point where I realised there would be an easier way to approach this project and make it more suitable for children to make too. This is what happens when you have an idea in the morning and crash on into doing it without thinking it all through. Some would argue that this may be a good start and from the prototype comes a better solution. I’m going with that thought.

So I will be providing an online tutorial for my Bunny Egg Cosies just not in time for Easter. This Bunny will be the very late Mad March Hare that might make it in time for April. Well, I think a Bunny Egg Cosy will look great on a plate at any time of the year and not just at Easter time.

If anyone would like to do the sewing machine version shown here leave a comment and I’ll put that one up too.

Stella and Ann-Marie wish you all a very Happy Easter.


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