Mother’s Day Corsage

Mother's Day Corsage

Mother’s day in the UK was on the 30th of March and we ran a special Mother’s day Corsage workshop so the children could make a fashion accessory for their mums. Feedback from the mums was really positive and we saw a few out and about over the week that followed.

We’ve got a Mother’s Day Corsage tutorial ready for Mother’s Day in the US, Canada and Australia on 12 May 2013 so if your children are looking for an idea for Mother’s day or even if they want to make their own corsages to dress up a jumper or a jacket, this is an easy 1-2 hour project to try.

What I like about this project is that it can be made up of any scrap fabric you can lay your hands on, try recycling an old blouse or lace from a skirt. We used a variety of netting, lace, silk, georgette, chiffon, satin and for a more casual version we used floral fabrics and linens. We had quite a few raw edges but in our opinion, it adds to the whole look. You can always re-trim if it starts to fray too much. To finish off the corsage I used a few odd buttons from a pair of gloves but buttons could equally be replaced with beads as some of the girls did. You can see some other options in our gallery.

We hope you enjoy the tutorial. Feedback and questions are always welcomed.


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