Rag Doll Workshop

Week Three

This week was always going to be the tricky week as it was time to make up the dolls!

The girls arrived with all their arms and legs stuffed and stitched at the top and first they needed to do was pin and then tack the arms and legs and hair bunches onto the front body as the pattern instructed. We decided that the dolls are all yoga experts due to the way the arms and legs look once tacked on and we had great fun coming up with new names for the yoga positions!


Tip: Ensure that the arms and legs are not stuffed too much at the  ends, leave at least 10mm. Having now made a number of dolls we also think it is wise to have the open ends of the arms and legs extending just over the seam allowance of the body part to make sure that when sewing altogether, the arms and legs are firmly secured.


As per the pattern instructions, the girls then pinned the back of the head to their yoga expert dolls, matching triangles and markings and ensuring that rights sides of the doll were together.

We would recommend that adults with some stitching experience stitch the doll together as it really is quite a fiddle with all the arms and legs bunched inside the doll!  We had always planned to do this part of the machine stitching knowing it would be tricky but would also recommend having a cup of tea to hand, calm music playing and then take a deep breath before starting the stitching!  We also found it easier to stitch around the head first, then the arms and then the legs (ie don’t stitch all around in one go)  Remember to keep a gap in a lower body side.

Tip: Find your inner calm. We recommend mums to have a cup of tea to hand, calm music playing and then take a deep breath before starting the stitching!


Once all stitched and quality checked for holes, there was huge excitement as the girls turned the dolls the right way around they could see their doll emerging!  We were able to start stuffing the heads and bodies in the lesson and the girls are going to finish stuffing the dolls at home.  They are also going to whip stitch the gap in the body (the pattern suggests ladder stitch which is neater and more professional but we haven’t taught the girls that stitch yet so whip stitch will be just as good!).

Rag dolls

Next Session: We will start making clothes for the dolls in our final lesson this week.


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