Rag Doll Workshop

Week Four

We had a great last workshop making the rag dolls yesterday and we are pleased to say that all the girls went home with a fully dressed and completed doll!  The girls arrived at the workshop with their dolls stuffed and stitched and ready to make a dress.  We were thrilled to see that Nuala had also been busy at home making a pillow and a fabulous dress for her doll and using stickers to decorate the front, how resourceful!


Whilst we love the Simplicity 1900 dress pattern, we realised that it would be too tricky and time consuming for the girls to make in the short time available.  So Stella put together a simpler pattern modifying the Simplicity pattern pieces and you can download our BB_SimpleDress pattern here.  The Front piece needs to be cut on the fold and you need two larger single pieces for the back.

The girls used back stitch to sew up the seams on the sides and back (only half way to allow an opening to put the dress on the doll). They used a simple running stitch to gather the top front and sew the hem of the dress.  We turned in a small hem around the arms holes and linked the dress together using binding tape which we folded over the dress pieces and stitched by machine and this also serves as a tie for the dress at the back.

BB_Ragdoll_18 BB_Ragdoll_19

Everyone has really enjoyed our 4 week Rag Doll Workshop and all are already planning what clothes to design and make next. At one of our summer workshops we will be making some more clothes for either the doll or any other favourite stuffed toy and will be trying some patchwork in the Autumn to make a suitable bed cover for the doll or toy too!

Here are some finished dolls which I think will be treasured for many years to come. A resounding well done to all our little stitchers who made a capital effort for this exciting project.

Look out for our interview with Rag Doll makers PiggyHatesPanda, designers of a growing collection of  thoroughly modern rag dolls. You can see  these fabulous dolls here: etsy.com/piggyhatespanda


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