1970’s Simplicity Rag Doll

As we are looking at different rag dolls, having completed our 4 week rag doll workshop, we thought you would be interested to see the amazing rag dolls that Ann-Marie’s mum has made for Ann-Marie’s daughters.  Both Sallie and Mollie (as we call the dolls) are made from the original Simplicity pattern that Jane bought in 1971 in the US (where we lived at the time) for 75c.

DSC04424      DSC04426

Jane bought the original pattern to make a doll for her niece’s 3rd birthday and posted it from the US to the UK.  She was then  busy making Ann-Marie’s own clothes so didn’t get around to making a doll for Ann-Marie herself but has since made Sallie and Mollie for  her granddaughters and has also adapted the pattern and made a fantastic wardrobe of clothes for each.  The dolls and clothes are simply beautifully made and designed and Jane is about to start making her next rag doll for another relative’s 3rd birthday!

DSC04428   DSC04427

The dolls have provided many happy hours of playing for the girls and it is great to see the original sewing pattern from the 1970’s still in use!


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