Wee Mouse Tin House

Some time ago I blogged about Larissa Holland’s brilliant Wee Mouse in a Tin House. The Children loved the idea of making something that they could play with so we bought the PDF pattern and had a look at what might need changing for the children to make. Larissa’s Pattern is idea for stitching on the machine and hand finishing. She uses double thickness for arms and legs and the main body is seamed and then turned to give a smart finished edge. We decided to simplify the process and amend the pattern so we only needed to stitch on the outside which gives it a unique handmade character which differs with every mouse and became something that could be easily approached by our youngest seven year olds. Do take a look at the gallery to see all the different variations the girls have made.

Find out more:

Larissa Holland has made other projects that you will love. Go to Larissa’s page on the Craftsy website to see more sewing projects. Her PDFs are detailed and easy to follow – ideal from beginners to seasoned stitchers.


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