Betty Buttons Sewing Bee

BB_ Bag week 3 photo 4

Sewing Skills – Weeks 2 and 3

We have had  busy couple of weeks with our Simplicity Bag workshop and with one session to go, the girls are doing really well and we are going to have some great bags to photograph next week! Simplicity Patterns provided the patterns for the girls on the course but you can buy the pattern online here.

The girls cut the remaining lining pieces out at home and put all their tailor tacks into their pieces.  During our workshop they then realised how important the tailor tacks and notches were to be as we started constructing the bag itself and using the machine.  Following the instructions on the pattern for bag C we concentrated on making the outer part of the bag by attaching the pocket and the loop to the front and back pieces.  We needed to double the size of the loop as we found some big buttons to cover and the loop pattern wasn’t big enough.

When the girls sewed together the side and bottom pieces, they realised how important it is to follow carefully each instruction and it was very important to sew between the small dots (tailor tacks) so that the pieces could fit the front and back pieces.  They also then learnt that it is easy to undo the sewing and stitch again!


The girls  made the straps at home and were able to match their notches, stitch the seams on the machine and then turn and press the straps.

This week, we concentrated on making the lining of the bag in the same way that we made the outer sections only this time we ensured that we left an opening on the lower edge.

The girls have certainly learnt that so much sewing is done “inside out”, “back to front” and “upside down” so that the construction stitches are all hidden.  A bit like magic really!!

Next week we will be attaching the lining to the outer bag and adding our finishing top stitching and covered buttons and consolidating all that we have learnt through making our Simplicity Bag.



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