BB Fashion Bag Sewing Bee

Sewing Skills – Week 4

All there was left to do in our final workshop was sew the lining to the outer bag and this is when the transformation really takes place.

It seemed utter madness to the girls to put the outer bag into the lining and sew the two together at the top, but once sewn together and trimmed we reminded the girls that they left a small hole in the bottom of the lining through which they could now pull the outer bag through. “Ooh! Now that’s clever,” they all chime.

So within an hour and a half; the girls had attached the strap, pinned and sewn in the lining, pressed the bag, completed the top stitching and sewn up the hole in the lining. Job done and everyone was very happy with their new bags. The girls all received their Betty Buttons Sewing Skills level 2 certificate. Well done girls you have worked very hard.


You can see the pattern that we used here: Simplicity 2164 and we made up bag C. I thought this cross body bag would make an excellent gift for my best friends teenager, in year 7 at school, so I made one too. It took me two evenings, 1.5hrs per evening to complete it. Ann-Marie and I would recommend this pattern for girls aged 10+ as a first machine project. The hardest bit will be the pivot corners, but with some adult guidance and strategic pinning it should not present a problem at all.

It’s great to be able to make your own fashion accessories and generally so much cheaper too. We hope we’ve inspired you to try to make something yourself now.

S & AM xx




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