Teacher gift ideas

New – Teacher gift workshop

We have two Teacher gift workshops coming up. We’ve designed these cute fridge magnets that children can attach to their thank you cards. It’s always nice to give something useful I think and with these designs there is something for male and female teachers. Choose from a flower, a sun or a lion and tell your teacher they’re GRReat!


Friday 27 June, 4pm – 5:30pm
Tuesday 1st July, 4pm – 5:30pm


If you can’t make the workshop then we are also selling these as kits for just £6 so if you wanted to place an order email the design you prefer and your address and we can post it to you. Email betty buttons@rocketmail.com.


We have some other ideas for teacher’s gifts. How about a pretty corsage? It’s always thoughtful to give a special teacher something that the children have spent time making themselves. We put up a tutorial for this corsage for last years Mother’s Day, follow the tutorial here.

Or the children could make a set of lavender pillows to thank the teacher on teacher appreciation day or the start of a new term – get in the good books early eh! We made these sets of three pillows for Mother’s day this year but they can be used for your teachers just as well. All you need to do is cut out 8, 5cm squares with zig zag scissors (or plain) and stitch a seam 1cm in from the edge using running stitch or backstitch. Remember to leave a gap to stuff with poly fiber filling and a spoonful of lavender. Sew on three little buttons to the top pillow and tie all three together with a ribbon. Attach a craft label to the pillow set with a grateful message for the teacher.

For a male teachers, you could make one of our cedar wardrobe hangers and make it look like the teacher. Cut out bits of scrap fabric and felt and make an uncannily similar version of your teacher. Our wardrobe hangers were 14cm x 4cm so make a paper template and add 1cm seam allowance to the sides of your pattern. If you would like to buy kits for any of these projects you can email your requests to bettybuttons@rocketmail.com


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