We’ve updated our website

But that’s not the only change around here!


Due to our professional jobs and family life Ann-Marie and Stella have decided to concentrate on Sewing PartiesBespoke workshops for groups of 10 or more and One-one Sewing Tuition. We will offer occasional holiday workshops for those on our mailing list, but there will be no term-time sewing skills workshops after August 2016.

Ann-Marie and Stella have been running creative sewing workshops for children for almost 5 years. We’ve seen the children’s skills advance at rapid rates. We’ve stood back and admired how our regular stitchers skills have blossomed and become proficient and confident sewers. It’s been a pleasure to be involved in the development of their skills. And from the feedback you’ve given us, we know many of our early members who have joined secondary schools, feel proud that they are so advanced in comparison to their piers at school.

We’ve done so many workshops and met loads of lovely, charming kids from all sorts of schools in the area. Here are some of our favourite workshops, see below.

We do have spaces on our Queens Birthday Celebration workshops on the 31st May so do book on for those last remaining seats! As always booking is by email: bettybuttons@rocketmail.com

Gallery from the last 5 years


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