Sewing party inspiration

A sewing party is a great idea for a traditional stay at home party, no matter what the weather. Theming your party adds to the experience and creates one that people will talk about and try to replicate. Kids love party games and they love prizes too. If you organise a little treasure hunt and some guessing games around a sewing based party you’ll find you have all the right ingredients for the perfect crafty girls party.

This weekend Betty Buttons were invited to Mabel’s 8th birthday party. If you were on the guest list, you were going to be in for a real treat. Both Mabel’s mum and grandmother had helped Mabel set the scene for her guests, as you will see. There are some wonderfully creative ideas that you could use for your sewing themed party here, so let me walk you through what Mabel and her mum Tasha did.

The theme for the party was cupcakes. With this in mind Tasha found some pretty plastic sprinkle cups with safety lids to prevent spills, a great idea around sewing projects! Mabel carefully worked out the seating arrangements and stuck a named package label, decorated with a button, to the table so everyone knew where to sit. In between little baskets of sweets were big cognac glasses full of multi-coloured buttons which the girls just loved.

Tasha and Mabel’s Grandma make artwork with buttons – it’s all about knowing the right people! For Mabel’s party they made two special posters using a selective colour palette which complimented the room’s pretty aqua weatherboarding. Choose your decorations to suit your theme and surroundings. If you would like to commission a bespoke button poster or other artwork you could get in touch with Tasha.



The sewing theme was continued throughout with Button biscuits and chocolate buttons. We liked the signage, “Sew hungry?” on the buffet table and “Sew desperate?” on the cloakroom door. Tasha and Mabel chose most of their party goodies from Tiger, see in store for the latest products.

Having those name tags to hand was an excellent way to identify the finished projects which were packaged up with ribbon in cello bags to take home. So we waved goodbye to the girls and left them to play party games in the garden. We think they all had a great time.

‘Both Mabel and I loved having Betty Buttons to host her 8th birthday party.  Stella and Annmarie were great fun and brilliant at teaching the kids sewing in a fun and engaging way.  Everyone was very proud of their creations and each one makes a perfect going home present! I’d highly recommend them.’

Betty Buttons offer Sewing parties for Children aged 7-12. If you would like to book us for your child’s next birthday party, you can email us at

Talking of Sprinkles…

I stumbled across another beautifully themed Sprinkle party here: . Kirstin and Jordan have lots of inspirational ideas on their blog and quite a few DIY sewing projects for young children, my favourite is yesterdays Unicorn doll tutorial – This would be a lovely Party favour to give to your guests.



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