Christmas Wreath Tutorial

BB_Fabric Wreath


Make a Fabric Wreath

There is so much Christmas fabric in the shops at the moment but what can you make with it? Our Christmas wreath is a very quick way to add some seasonal colour around the house or in your bedroom. You could make an even larger version and put it on your front door. All you need is a length of fabric 140cm long (look for the longer rolls) and 16cm wide and a few contrasting fabrics to make the Yo-Yos. You could find some small off cuts for those.

You will need to make a cardboard form from a thick bit of corrugated card and cut a slit in it. Here is our FabricWreath template for the size we used and another for the YoYos. The general rule, if you’d like to make a larger version, is to times the width of the cardboard by two and then add 2.5cm (about an inch). For larger versions you will also need more lengths of fabric, so just make up several lengths of 140cm and stitch the joins together as shown below.

Fabric Wreath

Before you start you will need to find:

  • An off cut of Christmas fabric at least 140cm long x 16cm wide
  • 3 scraps of contrasting fabrics for the Yo-Yos
  • Cotton Perle thread to tone in or contrast with your fabric
  • Buttons of various sizes
  • 1 metre length of wide ribbon (about 4cm wide)
  • 30cm of narrow ribbon to make the hanger
  • An old packing box or corrugated cardboard


Step one

Start by folding your long length of fabric in half and press, (wrong sides together, good sides facing out). Fold the very top edge over 1cm and press down. You are then going to stitch all the way up the raw edge side with neat running stitches using one length of thread. Draw on a line 1 cam away from the edge if this helps you sew in a straight line. Important: Don’t cut your thread or finish off – you will need to gather the fabric slightly.


Step two

Now you have a doubled over, stitched length of fabric you are going to slip it over the cardboard form letting it gather on to the circle. You will get to the slit in the card and you must go past the cut leaving the cut edges hidden under the fabric. Tip: You could tape the cut at this point for extra strength.

Continue until all the fabric is on the form. Pull the loose thread now to gather the fabric as needed to create a nice smooth fit, then finish off securely.


Step three

Stitch up the seam by placing the unfinished edge below the turned over edge. Neatly stitch with catch stitch or little running stitches, as above. This will be covered later by the bow.

Step four

Make the Yo-Yos by stitching a line of running stitch 0.5mm away from the raw edge of the circles. Gather up the fabric by pulling on the thread and placing your finger in the middle of the circle, making a little shower cap around your finger. You can see how we made Yo-Yos for the Mother’s Day Corsage here. With the gathered side facing up, position your buttons and sew in place. Tip: Leave a long length of thread on the reverse side to stitch the Yo-Yo onto the wreath later.

BB_Fabric Wreath BB_Fabric Wreath

Step five

Now you are ready to assemble the wreath. I’d start by positioning the group of Yo-Yos and securing them in place with a few little stitches. Then take the wide ribbon and tie it around the very top of your wreath, covering your stitches. You may need a couple of holding stitches to keep the bow where you want it. Finally, make a loop with the narrow ribbon and tie it on to the back of the wreath around the wider ribbon – so now you have a hanger.

Ready to assemble



Idea: Make a set of three or five in different sizes and make a Christmas display.

Have fun!

Stella and Ann-Marie


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