Lion Bookmark

Lion Bookmark Tutorial

Waking up too early this Saturday morning my first thought was to get up and make something useful. We are always using bits of scrap paper for bookmarks so I thought that today’s project would be to make some bookmarks for my son’s books. Now, I don’t know about your household, but we find we have several books on the go at the same time and when we run out of bookmarks we stick anything in from paper clips to bank statements! Now we have a lion and an owl book mark to keep our place. I’ve made this into a tutorial so anyone can have a go if they have 30 mins to spare over the holidays.

Step 1

Before you can start you will need to find:

  • Orange and yellow felt, or you could use beige and brown.
  • 1 Chenille needle 22 or 26 (bigger eyes for little stitchers)
  • Cotton Purle thread in a similar or contrasting colour
  • Scissors

Cut out your felt shapes. You will need one of each shape in the picture above. You can Download our Lion bookmark template here

Step 2

We are going to layer the large circle, one of the smaller circles and the nose, as above.
Pin these together with one pin through the nose.
Then simply sew around the outline of the nose with running stitches.
Make two french knots for the eyes in orange (or black if you prefer)
Add a smile too, maybe. (ours didn’t have one)

Step 3

Turn the face over and place the long strip between the back of the head and the 2nd small circle, pin into position to prevent it slipping away.
Top stitch with little running stitches attaching the front and back together. Tip: No need to all the way through to the front on this round, try to stitch into the larger orange circle rather than going through the face again. If you do go through the face, try and over stitch your previous stitches to keep it neat. This is what you should end up with.

Step 4

To make the Lion’s mane we need to carefully trim into the larger circle, like this:

Step 5

Measure an inch up from the bottom of the bookmark and mark the position lightly with a pencil. As with the mane, we are going to make 5 straight cuts at the bottom of the bookmark to add interest and to repeat the effect of the mane. Then you’re done. Enjoy!

Tip: If you are making your bookmark for a taller book, measure it and make sure you have a length that fits.


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