Mother’s Day Corsage

Mother's Day Corsage

Following on from February Fashion week, we made Mother’s Day corsages for the fashion conscious mum. The great thing is these can be made up from practically any lightweight fabrics and lace. It depends on your final look.

This project is primarily aimed at children from age 8 up to teens, but I know a few mums who have wanted the pattern too. It’s suitable for all levels. Allow between 1-2 hours.

After you have decided what fabrics you want to use you will need to cut out  2 circles, one around 3.5 inches and the other around 5 inches (you will also need a second smaller circle to smarten up the back and attach a pin to). These will be the main body of the corsage. To add depth and accentuate colour we added 2 ruffles which we made from long strips of fabric around 15 inches long by about 3/4 inch deep. These measurements can all be modified depending on the final size of your corsage. As a guide we aimed for a final size of 3.5 inches across. You can download our  BB_Corsage Template.

You will need some scraps of lightweight fabric, mercerised thread and a brooch pin. Once you have all your pieces cut out you will need to make 2 ruffles and 2 yo-yos.

1. Start with the straight pieces of fabric and making a good knot in the thread, use running stitch to sew a line of stitches 1/4 inch away from one edge of the fabric.


If you are using netting sew on the same spot for several stitches otherwise your knot will just pass straight through the netting when you come to gather it.


2. Pull the thread, still attached to the needle, and gather up the fabric making a little circle of ruffles. Secure the circle with a couple of stay stitches so it won’t pull apart. Complete the second straight piece of fabric using the same method.

Making the ruffle rosette

3. Take the 2 circles. Making a good knot in your thread first, stitch a line of running stitches around the circumference of the circle. When you come to the end, keeping the needle attached, pull the loose end and gather up the fabric. I find it easier to gather the circle up around a finger making a little shower cap. Once gathered, flatten out and even up the gathering. Stay stitch the final yo-yo so it will not become unravelled. Complete the other yo-yo in the same way.

Make a yoyo_1

Make a yoyo_2

Final yoyo

Stacking order


4. Place the final components together and see if you like the way they fit. You may want to trim a little here and there.

Stacking up the rosettes

5. Start stitching the components together one at a time, layering one on top of the other. For the final yo-yo we turned it over so the flat side was on top. We then made a crease in this to give it some shape before we sewed on the button.

Upturn Final Yoyo

Finish with Button

6. Turn your corsage over. Cut a second small circle and place down on the back of the corsage with the good side facing up. Bend over a seam allowance and stitch on to the corsage using whip stitch or running stitch.

Turn over edge

Attach the pin

7. Finally stitch on a brooch pin. Make sure this is positioned towards the top of your corsage.


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