Spring Bird Charm

Spring Bird Charm

Welcome Spring into your home with this charming Spring Bird Decoration.  This is ideal for beginners and you can be as creative as you like with embellishments.  We chose buttons for eyes but you could use sequins or embroidery.  We suggest using felt as the base and a selection of co-ordinating fabrics for the wings.  We decided to use one layer of felt but if you don’t want to see your stitches on the back, you could cut a second layer and add a little filler to give a 3D effect. We put a small bell at the bottom of our charm to give it some weight  (and tinkle in the breeze!) But this is optional.

Download our Spring Bird Template here

ingredients for bird charm

Before you can start you will need to find:

  • 2 colours of 2mm felt and fabric scrap
  • Small length of ribbon (about 40cm)
  • 3 buttons
  • Key ring
  • Optional bell
  • 1 chenille needle 22 or 26
  • Cotton purle thread or embroidery thread

Step 1

Cut out your shapes using the bird template.  You will in total 3 x bird base, 3 x wings and 3 x bird tummies.

choosing fabrics

Step 2

We found it easier to first attach the key ring to the top of the ribbon and the bell to the bottom of the ribbon. Fold over 2 cm of ribbon over the ring and whip stitch along the sides to hold in place.  Hem the bottom and attach the bell (optional)

Step 3

Work out which way you want your birds to face before attaching your decorations.  We chose to have the top and bottom bird flying one way and the bird in the middle flying the opposite way. Pin on your wings and tummies making sure two face one way and one faces the other.


Make all 3 birds next  by  sewing on the fabric wings and tummies to your birds using a variety of stitches eg running stitch, blanket stitch or catch stitch.  Finish each bird with a button eye or sequin or embroider an eye.  Try to make your birds different by choosing different colour buttons, fabrics and stitches.

Stitching the wings

Running stitch

catch stitch

star stitch

Sewing on the wings

Sewing on the beak

Step 4

Attach your completed birds to the ribbon spacing them equally apart.  Pin first on the ribbon before stitching and catch the ribbon to the bird on the wrong side with little stitches at the top and bottom of the birds.


Step 5

Hang up in your chosen room and enjoy the Spring sunshine! Please do send us pictures of your birds and we will put them in our gallery to join the others.



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