Valentine Heart

Valentine Pillow

Valentine Heart Pillow

After a cold morning of hockey last Sunday, Tabitha and I decided to warm ourselves up by making a lavender scented heart to give as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

We went through the Betty Buttons scrap fabrics and choose a couple of coordinating vintage fabric designs,  some ribbon and a cute button to finish it off. Tabitha won’t say who will receive her creation… Hope you enjoy making one too!

To make it even easier we’ve made a template for you to download, see below.

Before you can start you will need to find:

  • Two different fabrics (pattern and plain works well)
  • Heart shapes or cutters (we made one out of cardboard and used some cookie cutters!)
  • Stuffing
  • Dried lavender (optional)
  • Small length of ribbon (about 20cm)
  • 1 button
  • 1 chenille needle 22 or 26
  • Cotton purle thread.


Step 1

Draw around the hearts on your fabrics. You will need 2 large same sized hearts and 1 or 2 smaller hearts to decorate one of the large hearts.

You can download our template:  BB_ValentineHeartTemplate


Step 2

Stitch the smallest heart onto the middle sized one.  We used little attaching stitches over the edges, spaced about 1cm apart. Then stitch the combined heart shape onto the  front of  your large heart using the same stitches.


Step 3

You then need to pin and stitch the two large hearts together as the heart will be stuffed with polyfibre and lavender. We used blanket stitch to make it more secure, it also makes the edges look smart.

Don’t forget to leave a good sized gap as now you need to fill the heart.  Put stuffing along the edges and a couple of tablespoons of dried lavender in the middle before adding more stuffing by your open edge. The stuffing should act as a stopper to prevent the lavender coming out!


Step 4

Complete the blanket stitch along the open edge and finish off securely.


Step 5

Take your scrap of ribbon (it can be any length you like) and fold it in half.  Then attach it to the front side middle of your heart with little running stitches.  Before you finish your thread attach a button over the top of the ribbon ends which will disguise your stitches.

Happy Valentines Day!


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