Over the last six years we have run fun and informal workshops for kids up to 13 years. It’s been great fun and we have met lots of very lovely, talented children. Due to work and family commitments we are now taking a break.


Union Jack Pillow

Union Jack Pillow



Jubilee Pillow Workshop

Jubilee Pillow Workshop

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2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. bess and caitlin says:

    hello betty buttons,
    today i went to yor halleween workshop were we made haaleween monsters.i loved it.
    P.S My name is bess the one with there mum called caitlin.

    P.P.S I have just made a small cushion and a needle holder cushion witth one of my old shirts.

    from bess and caitlin

    • cornishstar says:

      Hello Bess, It was so nice to meet you today and we are glad you enjoyed the Halloween Workshop. We’d love to see your cushion and needle holder. Send us in a photograph or bring it with you to another workshop.
      Best wishes BB

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